Tolls for Rail. Trust?.

Untrue Things CRC supporters Have Told Us

Lie  #1:  Light Rail is Required by the Federal Government.

Debunked by Steve Stewart & a CRC email.

Lie  #2:  This is the worst freight bottleneck in the nation.

Inrix ranked the Interstate Bridge 214th in the nation for congestion.

Lie  #3: It will create 20,000 jobs.

CRC shows “average annual regional jobs” at 1,907, not 20,000

Lie  #4: The bridges will collapse in an earthquake.

Two dozen I-5 bridges in Oregon are in worse shape than the Interstate Bridge, including the Marquam Bridge over the Willamette River.

Lie  #5: High crash rate.

         Marquam and Fremont bridges have higher crash rates

Lie #6: Trimet brings in projects on time & on budget.

          Trimet’s Eastside line was late and over budget

         Trimet’s Westside line was late and over budget

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