Tolls for Rail.
About Us.

Stopping Light Rail Stops Bridge Tolls is a registered PAC (Political Action Committee) in the state of Washington.


We are all unpaid volunteers, so 100% of your donation will go to to furthering the goal of stopping light rail/tolls.


Currently we are paying professional signature gatherers to collect the signatures needed to put this issue on the Vancouver city ballot. Our next step will be to fight the city council’s likely legal challenge to our initiative, then, as the election nears,  we will need to inform people about this critical issue.


We believe that when people realize that light rail profiteers and Portland’s Metro have turned a simple $5-700 million bridge project into a $3 billion mega-project in order get bridge tolls high enough to finance light rail, people will overwhelmingly reject the light rail portion of this project.


Banning Vancouver city support for light rail appears to be the only option for actually having a vote on this scheme as it is the only area government with an initiative process.


To be clear, we support a bridge without tolls, which can easily happen with a bridge only project. As we like to say:


Bridge Yes! Tolls NO!